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Specialized Tactic III

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Trail riding is more aggressive than ever, so you need a helmet that gives you the confidence to take on downhill runs on a five-inch-travel trail bike. Say hello to the Tactic III. It has protection covered in spades, while our 4th Dimension Cooling System handles ventilation to keep your wig cool. Keeping in this spirit, the Tactic III has been redesigned to also be lighter than ever, all while keeping its pedigree of protection. This means that you get a tried-and-true trail helmet that gets you to the top of a climb and protects you on the way down. That’s what it’s really all about, right?

Specialized chamonix

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Allrounder cycling helmet with sporty design for road, tour or city. The lean and sporty design plus great ventilation speak for themselves. The Mips impact protection absorbs rotational forces in case of an angular impact. A reliable and safe cycling helmet at a low price!

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Specialized Shuffle LED

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